The Royalty

2016 Pepper Fest Royalty

King Greg Dornfeld & Queen Hannah Erickson

Princess Arianna Sbraccia, Princess Hannah Johnson

The Pepper Fest Royalty attends approximately 30 parades and participates in approximately 20 public appearances during their reign.  They represent the North Hudson Pepper Fest right here in the communities of North Hudson and Hudson and by traveling to surrounding community festivals, parades, coronations, and volunteer opportunities in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

To contact the Royalty Coordinators, please email
Formal Royalty Photo by Marnie Marie Photography


Becoming Pepper Fest Royalty

Pepper Fest Royalty Candidates are sophomore girls in the Hudson School District who are interested in becoming members of the 2016 North Hudson Pepper Fest Royalty. The young ladies chosen to represent North Hudson Pepper Fest as Queen and Princesses will serve during their junior year in parades and other public appearances as goodwill ambassadors for the North Hudson community.

The Queen and Princesses will each receive a $500 scholarship. Potential Candidates are encouraged to find a sponsor and return the form below, due May 23. Forms may also be available in the Hudson High School Counselor’s Office.
There will be an Informational Q&A Meeting on Thursday, April 2 at 6:30pm
at the North Hudson Village Hall.
The Official Candidate and Parent Meeting will be on Tuesday, May 26 at 6:30pm
at the North Hudson Village Hall.  

Candidate Sponsor FormRoyalty Photo Album

Candidate FAQ

Please contact Holly Steele 612-298-4424 with any Candidate Questions.


Becoming a Pepper Fest King

The Pepper Fest King acts as an ambassador along with the young ladies that will be selected for the positions of Queen and Princesses each year.  Formerly known as the Godfather in the early years of Pepper Fest, the King must be an adult male over age 30, must live in the Hudson School District, and is chosen confidentially by the Pepper Fest Board.  The King is then revealed at the Coronation.

Do you want to be a King?  Do you know someone who does?
The Board accepts nominations!




Past Pepperfest Royalty

13-14 Lizz Denning (Q) Ron Ruettimann (K) BZ Germain, Sami Miller & Maggie Koehler (P)
12-13 Maggie Weller (Q) Arlen Wente (K) Stacey Wanner, Erin O’Brien & Emily Vyrostek (P)
11-12 Taylor Haslup (Q) Lucas Prause (K) Anna Johnson & Nicole Stagg (P)
10-11 Brooke Dierks (Q) Leigh Halvorsen (K) Jennifer Johnson & Makenzie McGraw (P)
09-10 Courtney Cobb (Q) Nate St. Ores (K) Jessica Dornfeld & Amber Hargesheimer (P)
08-09  Paige Kazak (Q)  Don Bouzard (K) Erin Hanson & Alyssa Yuengst (P)
07-08 Megan Zais (Q) Dan Ortner (K) Becca Heikel & Katy Tantalean (P)
06-07 Lauren Stein (Q) Shawn Pettee (K) Chelsey Bouzard, Sarah Hanson & Jeryn Waldera (P)
05-06 Rebecca Vindal (Q) Mike McQuiston (K) Brittany Bulthuis, Heidi Hoovestol & Cara Shimon (P)
04-05 Katie Mikels (Q) Dave Johnson (K) Gwen DeRosier, Ashton Hannack & Amanda Johnson (P)
03-04 Bridget Bardill (Q) Roger Norelius (K) Brittany Bouzard, Molly Fletcher & Dawn Otteson (P)
02-03 Jeni Cameron (Q) Dave Prissel (K) Katy Caruso, Haley Lindback & Alexandra Zappa (P)
01-02 Samantha O’Keefe (Q) Skip Ballard (K) Shannon O’Brien, Jenna Peterson & Katie Zappa (P)
00-01 Jenna Evenson (Q) Stan Dahm (K) Heidi Jones, Sheri Martin & Caitlin Walbrun (P)
99-00 Jamee Gifford (Q) Scott Sippel (K) Hailley Laatsch, Shera Lund & Amanda Spainhour (P)
98-99 Jamie Jo Page (Q) Ed Nelson (K) Carlie Andrews, Lindy Gullixson & Jenni O’Meara (P)
97-98 Genevieve Prinsen (Q) Mike Gaede (K) Holly Dahm, Lauren Herman & Teri Pawlenty (P)
96-97 Kaaren Sorenson (Q) Dan Barber (K) Stacy Haroldson, Kim Tritt & Krista Witthuhn (P)
95-96 Allisen Pawlenty (Q) Mike Solberg (K) Ambre Jackson, Andrea Johnson & Michele Nelson (P)
94-95 Jenny Johnson (Q) Bryan Henningsen (K) Cindy Fernholz, Michelle Kinney & Barb Niccum (P)
93-94 Sheri Sheehan (Q) Dan O’Connell (K) Jenny Driscoll, Marie Salzman & Carissa VanderVorst (P)
92-93 Stacie Cook (Q) Jon Coty (K) Rachel Erickson, Angie Sheehan & Kari Taplin (P)
91-92 Stacy Ohrt (Q) Eugene Zappa (K) Tara Christopherson, Lori Gilbert & Mindy Spencer (P)
90-91 Erin Larsen (Q) John Hess (K) Becky Falstad, Kris Forsberg & Krista Romsos (P)
89-90 Jessica Bender (Q) Dave Holt (K) Stacee Royce, Gretchen Tuchel & Melanie Wente (P)
88-89 Heidi Bennett (Q) Joe Alberg (K) Kim Benoy, Barb Berends, & Krista Schnobrich (P)
87-88 Laura Olson (Q) Bob Boulware (K) Angie Dove, Chris Edwards & Angela Fellrath (P)
86-87 Kari Luedtke (Q) Dewey Swanson (K) Mindy McCuen, Denise Martineau & Laurel Kees (P)
85-86 Theda Hilt (Q) L.G. Gilbert (K) Sarah Grosse, Jane Eaton & Heidi Anderson (P)
84-85 Angie Grabau (Q) Tom Mitchell (K) Gretchen Schmitt, Jaci Johnson & Karen Waalen (P)
83-84 Kelly Knefelkamp (Q) Robert Zappa (K) Elizabeth Peters, Heidi Penman & Shelly Anderson (P)
82-83 Vonda Peper (Q) Louis Richie (K) Joan Klecker, Holly Larson & Lisa Zilge (P)
81-82 Ann Ruyak (Q) Gary Zappa (K) Anne Solberg, Kris Niccum & Sue Harper (P)
80-81 Bev Fanning (Q) Tom Dabruzzi (K) Michele Rivard & Kelly Spain (P)
79-80 Michelle Ruyak (Q) Sam Ricci (K) Kim Gilbert & Mary Bauer (P)
78-79 Kathy Brozek (Q) Jeff Dabruzzi (K) Angie Mockler & Dawn Offner (P)
77-78 Audrey Glassbrenner (Q) Don Zappa (K) Mary Cardarelli & Nadine Schmitz (P)
76-77 Jill Johnson (Q) Tony Zappa (K) Jeanne Rouleau & Debbie Rehder (P)
75-76 Joe Dabruzzi (K)
59-60 Diane Trudeau (Q) Melvin Vogt (K) Midge Casperson (P)
58-59 Janet Kukuska (Q) Sam Dabruzzi (K)
57-58 Shirley Simpson (Q) Deanna Rineck (Q) George Withuski (K)
56-57 Barb Blaisdell (Q) Frank Richie (K)
55-56 Mary Ann Simpson (Q) Jim Zappa (K)
54-55 Betty Ann Schullo (Q) Joe Richie (K)