Eating Contests

Royalty Spaghetti Eating Contest will take place Saturday at 1:00.
Each year, Royalty Teams compete by eating ½ pound of spaghetti each! Teams consist of 4 current royalty members.

Championship Spaghetti Eating Contest will take place on Saturday at 4:00.
Located on the stage, teams of 5 can compete by eating ONE POUND of Spaghetti each!  Teams can sign up at the Main Stage.
Fee: FREE!
First Place: Championship T-shirts.

Championship Hot Pepper Eating Contest will take place on Saturday at 5:30.  Also located on the stage, teams of 5 can compete by eating ONE POUND of Hot Peppers each!  Teams can sign up at the Main Stage.
Fee: FREE!
First Place: Championship T-shirts.

Royalty Spaghetti Eating Contest!

Join us in the Royalty Spaghetti Eating Contest!
The Royalty Spaghetti Eating Contest takes place on Saturday following the Pepper Fest Grand Parade (approximately 1:00pm).
Each year, Visiting Royalty Teams compete to be crowned the Pepper Festival Royalty Spaghetti Eating Champs! In the past the Eating Contest has run from approximately 1:00pm until 4:00pm. Requests to compete at a specific time will not be honored. Teams compete in random order. Please make sure your team is available between 1:00pm and 4:00pm.

Teams consist of 4 current royalty members. If your court does not have 4 members or 4 members willing to participate, start talking to your Royalty friends to form a team of 4. Teams may be made of *mixed* courts.

To sign up, please fill out and submit the entry form. The sign up will also be at the Stage prior to the Eating Contest. If your court would like to guarantee a spot, please submit the entry as soon as you have your team of 4!

Royalty Spaghetti Eating Entry Form


Royalty Spaghetti Eating Contest Rules:


  1. Each team member will be expected to consume 1/2 pound of spaghetti within 2 minutes or less. If a contestant hits 2 minutes without finishing, a 30 second penalty is added to their team’s overall time and the next contestant is given the go ahead to begin.
  2. Only sauce or water may be used to “moisten” spaghetti
  3. Plates must remain on the table
  4. No breaking up spaghetti — your team could be disqualified or your plate replaced if caught before timing begins
  5. ALL spaghetti must be consumed. If it falls off of the plate, it must be eaten. If too much ends up on the floor, you may be assessed a 30 second penalty. If any spaghetti “returns” before your turn is complete, it must be consumed or a 30 second penalty will be added to your time. At any time if a contestant feels the need, they may stop and they will be assessed a time of 2 minutes plus a 30 second penalty
  6. The mouth must be determined “spaghetti free” by the judge before the next contestant begins. The Contestant may only begin on the judge’s go ahead.The Team with the best OVERALL time wins. There will be one overall time kept and each contestant will be timed individually. Individual times will not be totaled up for the overall time. All penalties (if any) will be assessed and added on to the overall time before time is announced.
  7. The winning team will each receive a Spaghetti Champ t-shirt. Each participant will also receive a participant certificate with their individual time.